UGames - Encouraging interaction and imagination through play.

Play is important for both children and adults.

For children, play helps nurture their critical thinking, personality development, and their adaptive pathways in their childhood.

For adults, play is critical in their everyday stressful go-go-go lives.

This is what inspired UGames to become the company that it is today. For over 20 years, UGames Australia has continued its dedication to encouraging children and families to “get unplugged” by enjoying a fun and creative social time that is brought about by toys and games.

Today, UGames Australia is proud of its brand as one of the largest, most creative, and innovative toy manufacturers in the world trusted by many renowned companies such as University Games, Tree Toys, Alex Brands, Little Adventures, and Dr. Cool. The brand also expands its reach by working with respected other brands including Disney, National Geographic, and more.

UGame’s product range includes fun activity-based toys that stimulate the minds to encourage interaction and imagination to play. It continues to innovate and is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to develop products that matter to its consumers.

Supplying toys that are high in educational value, innovative, and fun is what fuels the UGames to do more as an Australian distributor and wholesaler for all things games, puzzles, science, and toys!

All these to realize the brand’s vision— to help nurture smarter, happier, and more creative children.