PinToy – Beautiful, traditional, and fun approach to play

Many new toys are developed to bring in fun and learning to play. With so many options for parents to choose from, finding the best kinds for their kids can be a challenge.

For babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers, their toys may be trendy and intricate, but they should also be durable, safe, and made to last for a long time. All these, you can find in PinToy’s wooden toys.

Instead of plastics, most of their products are made from sustainable wood, making it a friendlier option than their plastic counterparts.

PinToy is an environmentally friendly toy manufacturer based in Thailand that produces some of the finest wooden toys and games available. To ensure sustainability, its products are produced using Rubberwood sourced from latex plantations where rubber trees are harvested of its latex and then replanted. The wood is recovered which is then used by the company to make its products.

PinToy covers a wide array of products for children and even adults, including baby products, toys, games, gifts, and furniture for kids.

Since 1987, PinToy has dedicated its designs to producing high-grade products that collaborate beauty, enjoyment, educational value, safety, functionality, durability, and sustainability.

Through their products, PinToy has been making a difference by bringing in a beautiful, traditional, and fun approach to the world of play.