Paladone Products Ltd design and distribute hundreds of new gifts, gadgets and pop-culture merchandise each year, working closely with global mega-brands (such as Disney [Star Wars, Marvel], Warner Bros [Harry Potter, DC Comics], PlayStation, Discovery and Nintendo [Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Game-boy) to bring the latest trends from fashion, film, gaming and culture to mass-market retailers (such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Boots, Debenhams etc.). Creativity, imagination and ‘play’ placed first and foremost, Paladone’s reputation in the industry is echoed by its success, selling to thousands of retailers across over 80 countries worldwide for the last 25 years.


There’s moments in everyone’s day where we could all do with some desktop entertainment. Our Desktop Distractions range is full of stationery and office gifts designed to keep boredom at bay. There’s games, puzzles and tricks all of which will keep you organised and amused until home time.


Visit the Emporium to take a look at some of our most innovative and creative products. Full of unique gifts, there’s something for everyone and every occasion in this collection.


Helping a young man prepare his entrance into genteel society has never been easier with the Gentlemen’s Club range. Upon purchasing one of the articles therein, he will be instantly transported into a world of impeccable taste and exemplary manners.


Need some good games? New for 2013, these fast-paced and easy-to-play games are fun for everyone – perfect as Christmas games. With no complicated rules to learn, Purple Donkey® leads you straight into the action making it the quintessential choice for any party, family gathering or after-dinner entertainment.

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